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Jazz à la New Orleans

1994-98: Hans Brodén, p, Hans Zakrisson, tb, Göran Möller, bj, Lasse Collin, cl, sax, Bertil Boström, b, Björn Frennberg, dr.

1998-2000: Lasse Collin, cl, sax, Björn Frennberg, dr, Racordo Hansen, bj, Hans Zakrisson, tb, Staffan Pålsson, b, Göran Magnusson, p.

2000-02: Hans Jörgensen, bj, Lasse Collin, cl, sax, Sune Linder, p, Staffan Pålsson, b, Björn Frennberg, dr, Hans Zakrisson, tb.

2003-2009: Sune Linder, p, Leif Melldahl, b, Lasse Collin, cl, sax, Lennart Carlsson, dr, Hans Zakrisson, tb, Lennart Werdell, bj.

2005-2009: Lasse Collin, cl, sax, Lennart Werdell, bj, Lennart Carlsson, dr, Leif Melldahl, b, Hans Zakrisson, tb, Sune Linder, p, Eva Karin Andersson, voc, Brian Carrick, cl, sax , voc.

2009- : Leif Melldahl, b, Hans Jörgensen, bj, Sune Linder, p, Sverker Nyström, cl, sax, Hans Åsberg/Lennart Carlsson, dr, Brian Carrick, cl, sax, Hans Zakrisson, tn, Eva Karin Andersson, voc.

The Red Wing Band from Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden plays a hot mix of New Orleans jazz and rhythm&blues. The band was founded by Hans Zakrisson, trombone, and Lasse Collin, reeds, in 1994. The name of the band comes from the song about the indian maiden "Red Wing", often played by George Lewis' band, other says the name stands for a progressive approach to New Orleans music. Welcome to look and listen inside our site.

The Red Wing Band från Göteborg spelar en het blandning av New Orleans jazz och rhythm&blues. Bandet startades 1994 av Hans Zakrisson, trombon, och Lasse Collin,
klarinett och saxofon. Namnet är taget efter en låt om indianflickan "Red Wing", ofta
spelad bl.a. av George Lewis band, andra säger att namnet står för ett progressivt förhållningssätt till New Orleans-jazzen. Välkommen att kolla vår site.

Since spring 2009 Lasse Collin is replaced by Sverker Nyström on clarinet and alto sax, and
Hans Jörgensen, banjo player in an earlier Red Wing line up, replaces Lennart Mysto Werdell.
For current information about the band go to the Red Wing page on Facebook.

Jazz Pirates is a New Orleans/Creole/Caribbean jazz quartet with Lasse Collin's clarinet in the
lead, Mathias Gustavsson on banjo, Leif Melldahl, bass, and Felix Collin, drums. Listen here!

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